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SnapShots - Photographic Gateways to History: World War I, America in the 20s, the Great Depression.
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  Spotlight On:

Women in History. . .

Queen Elizabeth IAn Audience with Queen Elizabeth I, 1597
"As for her face... it is long and thin, and her teeth are very yellow and unequal." The French Ambassador gives an "up close and personal" description of the "Virgin Queen."

Harriet QuimbyFirst Woman to Fly the English Channel, 1912
Before Amelia Earhart, Harriett Quimby was America's premier aviatrix. Beautiful, flamboyant and daring, Harriet made history.

  Photo of the Week:

Tragedy in the MakingTragedy at Niagara Falls, 1853.
An early photograph captures a tragedy in the making.

U-Boat Attack, 1917
Captured German footage of one of its submarines in action during World War I.

The Hindenburg Explodes, 1937
The great German airship bursts into flames as it attempts to land at Lakehurst, NJ.

The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor, 1941
Captured Japanese footage taken from their aircraft during the attack.

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  It Happened This Month:
Prelude to WWIIThe Bombing of Guernica, 1937
"... I saw the reflection of Guernica's flames in the sky." During the Spanish Civil War, a small town becomes a guinea pig in Germany's quest to perfect war from the air.

The Cold WarThe Russians Find a Spy Tunnel in Berlin, 1956
"What a filthy trick!" A declassified CIA report describes an audacious incident of espionage during the Cold War.

  Notable Quote:
"A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Iwo Jima, 1945
The first wave attacks the beach in one of WWII's costliest battles.

Theodore Roosevelt 1912
The "Bull Moose" candidate speaks during his unsuccessful campaign for President.

Charles Lindbergh, 1927
The "Lone Eagle" speaks after his historic flight

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