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Film Clips from the Past
 The Great Train Robbery, 1903 part 1
America's first narrative film and its first Western. The train is robbed.

 The Great Train Robbery, 1903 part 2
The big shootout and conclusion.

  The Streets of New York City, 1916
A tour of Manhattan.

 Assembling the Ford Model T, 1916
The car and the manufacturing process that changed America.

 Induction Parade, 1917
American volunteers march off to war.

 U-boat Attack, 1917
Captured German footage of one of its submarines in action during World War I.

 Tanks, 1918
British tanks in action.

 Escape from an Observation Balloon, 1918
An airborne observer narrowly escapes an attack by a German attacker.

  Flying Ace, 1918
American air ace, Eddie Rickenbacker in his Spad airplane.

 Advancing to the Front, 1918
Scenes of American troops making their way to the front lines in the last assualt of World War I.

 Combat, 1918
American troops go "over the top" and enter battle.

 Bond Rally, 1918
Film stars Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks lead the crowd to kick off a campaign to raise money for the war effort.

 Armistice, 1918
American soldiers celebrate the end of fighting on the Western Front.

 The Dust Bowl, 1936
Wind and dust ravage Middle America during the Great Depression.

 The Hindenburg Arrives Over New York City, 1937
The German airship tours above Manhattan before traveling to its landing site and disaster in New Jersey.

 The Hindenburg Explodes, 1937
The explosion and destruction of the German airship.

  The Japanese Launch Their Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
Japanese aircraft take off from their carriers.

 The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor, 1941
The view from a Japanese aircraft during the attack.

  World War II - The Home Front
Women defense workers in action.

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