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Archie Butt
Ill-Fainted Aid of Presidential Aid, 1910.

The Man Who Shot Dillinger
True Grit, 1887

The Price of Collaboring with the Nazis, 1944

 1940...Riding The Rails .
Result of a Terrorest Bomb

Tough Times in America:

From the photographer's notes:

"On the freights. He said he quit high school after two years, hung around home for a couple of years and then got work as general kitchen help in a hotel.

He had just been fired from a job of this kind in Los Angeles where he had 'blown off' and 'told the cook off.'

He carried a clean white shirt and was prepared to look for work when his money was completely gone.

'I don't know where I'll go. I didn't go home -I'm on the bum. These agency jobs; you gotta buy them and I ain't got the dough.'

He talked about going to Reading, to Eugene and to Seattle. He had $1.80."

Yuba County, California, April 13, 1940.

Rondal Partridge, photographer.

Within two years, this young man's unemployment will most likely be ended by his induction into the military as America prepares for war. 


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