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America in World War I
America in the Great WarPrivate Shook attempts to move a mule team, 1918
America in the Great War, sinking of the Lusitania, America declares war, sabotage at home, posters at war, Armistice.
America in the 1930s
America in the Great Depression Benefit Checks, 1934
The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, John Dillinger - Public Enemy #1, the Bonus Army
Immigration in the Early 20th Century
Immigration in the Early 1900s "Promised Land", 1912
Immigration in the Early 1900s, City Life, A Tragic Fire.
America in the 1920s
America in the 20s Air Mail Mechanics, 1924
The Changing World of Work, Advertising in the 20s, Women Win the Vote, Prohibition, the Wall Street Crash.

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