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 Fire Fight, 1899
Congressional Medal of Honor winner Frank Anders describes a skirmish during the Philippine Insurrection.

 Great Britain declares war against Germany, 1939
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announces war to the British people.

  D-Day, 1944
A radio reporter provides an eyewitness account of the Allied invasion of Europe.

 Iwo Jima, 1945
The first wave attacks the beach.

 Hiroshima, 1945
Col. Paul Tibbets describes dropping the A-Bomb on Hiroshima, 1945.

 Germany Surrenders, 1945
The war ends in Europe.

 Gas rationing, 1942
Jack Benny, Garcie Allen and Eddy Cantor provide a humorous discussion of gas rationing.

 Tokyo Rose, 1944
"Tokyo Rose" broadcasts to American troops in the Pacific.

 Lord Haw Haw, 1945
The last broadcast of the German propagandist.

 Eugene V. Debs, 1904
Socialist Eugene Debs speaks during the 1904 presidential campaign.

 Theodore Roosevelt 1912
The "Bull Moose" candidate speaks during his unsuccessful campaign for President.

 Senator Huey Long, 1935
The "Kingfish" speaks on his "Share the Wealth" proposal.

 Franklin Roosevelt 1944
The President defends his dog "Fala."

 The Death of Franklin Roosevelt, 1945
Radio commentator Arthur Godfrey describes the President's funeral procession.

  Expedition to the North Pole, 1909
Robert E. Peary describes planting the American flag at the North Pole.

 Charles Lindbergh, 1927
The "Lone Eagle" speaks after his historic flight.

 Explosion of the Hindenburg, 1937
Approaching its landing pad at Lakehurst, New Jersey, the giant zeppelin suddenly bursts into flames.

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