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The Price of Collaboring with the Nazis, 1944

Terrorist Attack, 1920
Terrorist Attack, 1920.

The Man Who Shot Dillinger
Public Enemy Number One, 1931

 1920...Results of a Terrorist Attack: New York City.
Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack, New York City,: The damage from a bomb detonated on Wall St. September 16, 1920.

Around noon on September 16, 1920 a bomb exploded outside the J.P. Morgan Building just across the street from the New York Stock Exchange on Wall St. Thirty-three in the lunch-time crowd were killed and 400 injured. The bomb had been placed on a horse-drawn cart.

An $80,000 reward was offered, but none of the culprits were ever apprehended. Speculation accused the anarchists who had been responsible for a number of earlier bombings in the city. It was thought that the terrorists wished to strike at the symbolic heart of capitalism. In this they were successful; however, 433 innocent bystanders had to pay the price for their message.


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