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Russian Revolution
American Intervention in the Russian Revolution.

Fearless Freddie
"Fearless Freddie", 1920

Anti-War Rally
Peace Rally, 1940

 1918...American Intervention in the Russian Revolution
America and the Russian Revolution

American troops march through the streets of Vladivostok, Russia in August 1918 as Japanese marines stand at attention at the right.

The Bolshevik Revolution toppled Russia’s government in October 1917. Immediately several anti-Bolsheviks factions (referred to as the White Russians) united to resist the Communist takeover. In March the following year the Bolshevik’s signed a peace treaty with Germany and dropped out of the World War I. The civil war continued and by the summer of 1918 engulfed the entire country.

In August 1918 the United States joined Britain, France, Italy, Serbia, Canada and Czechoslovakia and Japan in sending troops to support the anti-Bolsheviks. A force of 5,000 Americans landed in the Murmansk-Archangel area in northern Russia while another 10,000 landed at Vladivostok, Siberia.

Armistice Day, November 11 – the day that ended World War I - found the American troops stationed near Archangel in pitched battle with the Bolsheviks and fighting for their lives. Casualties were heavy.

America withdrew her troops from the Archangel area in June 1919 and from Siberia in April 1920. The anti-Bolsheviks fought on but finally succumbed to the Communists in 1921.

References: Salisbury, Harrison, Black Night, White Snow: Russia's Revolution, 1905-1917 (1978.

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